Meet JOYN’s Team.



Cofounder, Head of Strategy & Marketing

My driver: walk new and purposeful paths
My superpower: endless curiosity



Cofounder, Head of Growth & Finance

My drive: helping others find joyful moments in their lives
My super power: empathy



Cofounder, Head of Community Management & Ops

My driver: connecting with new places, people & stories
My superpower: solution oriented

Our Story

When we first heard about coliving we quickly realized the business and social value it can represent to our generation and country. The concept of coliving makes the greatest sense: starting with intelligent resource management, access to a like minded community without giving up privacy, a platform that encourages sharing of experiences and knowledge, shaped by the needs of the community in a convenient way.

Our desire to help create this living experience for those choosing Lisbon as their “home” led us to feel inspired to start a coliving movement in our city.

Along this journey we have researched, visited many housing solutions, talked with countless interesting people about coliving, and became part of the ecosystem supporting investors, real estate partners, operators, and other enthusiasts to better understand what is coliving, what millennials want from it and how can the market address these needs.

We are confident in the potential of coliving not only within the growing digital nomadic communities, but also among the Portuguese young entrepreneurs, early nesters, single moms, divorced people. The concept fits almost every stage of our lives as well as different lifestyles and will hence represent countless possibilities.

While skeptics are questioning what coliving has to offer, innovative visionaries believe in a new way of living and working towards a genuine sense of community and a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.