Research & Networking

We help to better understand coliving, its business and social value and also build an effective ecosystem to bring a sustainable growth to the coliving industry.

Understanding Coliving

  • Research data and insights about coliving
  • Create frameworks and resources to support investors, developers and other enthusiasts to get a deeper understanding of this reality

Building Ecosystem

  • Regular meetups and gatherings to co-create and support the growth of the coliving ecosystem


Regardless of the stage of your coliving business, we offer consulting services around our core expertise to help you thrive at every step of your operation.

Market potential and validation

  • Strategic diagnosis to measure market potential
  • User’s research to help you understand the target needs
  • Real life tests to validate the business model

Feasibility Analysis

  • Economic feasibility analysis to help you make decisions on solid ground

Product positioning and strategy

We have developed a framework to support the definition of your:

  • Coliving identity
  • Community building
  • Space/services model


Experience & Community management

  • Define a strategic plan to strengthen your community
  • Track down new relevant audiences

Marketing & Sales strategy

  • Leverage on our experience and track-record in Marketing & Sales in FMCG companies, startups and hospitality sector
  • Develop and deploy a strategy to help you reach your business goals

Improvement Strategy

  • In-depth assessment to identify pain points and love moments
  • Define an improvement strategy to enhance your customer journey